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Weone Dance Crew is a youth street dance crew based in New York. We embody a variety of dance genres, such as Hip-hop, Jazz, Kpop, Locking, Waacking, etc. ​Weiwei from Chinese top-tier street dance studio Efive and Shuhan from NYU CSS GALA Dance director are the teachers and leading team of Weone Dance. Weone designed courses based on the personalized needs of the students and teaches in Manhattan, Long Island City, and Jersey City. Our crew is composed of those who are passionate about dancing and filming and we aspire to grow as a team by regularly filming dances, posting on the internet, and practicing together. We are currently looking for members who share similar qualities to join us.

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Scan the QR code through WeChat to learn more about classes offered and much more!
WeChat ID: @weonedance_nyc

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